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I have a active imagination so I make up stories and post them.


A dronkey is a mans bff!


Introducing the next island!

The next island will be-WAIT! Have you heard the groundhog had seen his shadow , not this year! Welcome spring! Ok I’ll get back.on. topic. 😮 . The next island will be ….. Night Watch Island! I haven’t got much info yet but stay tuned for the latest scoop. So stay tuned,

Spidie :P.



As you might know, poptropolis has sunken all the way to the bottom of the poptropica sea. 😦

unless you have saved your character on the island, its completly gone. just a btw,

spidie ;p

what up with poptropolis!

You see poptropolis is supposed to be closed now, and I played it today. I’m kinda scared, cause if I play it again I won’t rik getting glitched and erased. So let’s move o,n if you remember that movie Hotel Transylvania ad, well an other ad of that appeared and you apparently clean up the room! SO just be Scared…. About everything!

New 2013 poptropica books! YAY!

Yup, the newest edition of poptropica books have been announced to the public! I can’t wait (because I’m kinda weird and I love to read) . The release is April 4th 2013, and you probably are gonna say later ” Mommy, mommy, MOMMY! Get me those books for easter!” Or ” Parents, I want that book for they easter” or if your pretty normal you’ll say ” Hey dad, can you get me that book for easter”? But since I’m alerted every month what days we have off in the future at my dance class, I learned eter is at the end of march. So now for me there is like four holidays in March! My b-day,, st.Patrick’s day, and easter. Remember I think that’s true so don’t blame me if you google it and its in April. Moving on,
I’m gonna tell you what books they are. The first one is about Cryptids island. That mews guy is obsessed with finding those things such as Bigfoot or the Jersey devil.Second one is lunar colony. Next is a friends list one and the last is the creators secrets to making an island. So see ya at the library!


Say bye then say hi!

Number one, sorry for not posting in soooooo long.

Number two, 143 or more views yay!

Number three poptropolis is sinking!

WHAT!? No more poptropolis? For all time or til the Olympics roll around again?

Moving on, number four! A new island! It’s called night watch island! Wow its about being part of twin palms mall night watch. Sounds cool right?! And members only costumes are already out! And the trailer, but early island access is unknown.

So I guess monster island won’t be here right now but it could replace poptropolis games!

See ya’s!


Hello triple digits!

Hello triple digits! You know I had 99 views a couple days ago. Well, now I have 103 views!!!! WOAH!!!!!! :P :P:P So I'm wondering about my blog. Im gonna try to improve it and get some more views. So for now, keep reading!

Is monster carniaval….BACK?!

As you know, monster carnival was supposed to come out, but it was replaced. But, a rumor has been floating around for anyone to catch and that is weird but you never know…… It could just be a trick. Or part of the mall mystery! What do you think? My thoughts are, that monster carnival is a big kinda like astro knights but just couldn’t find out the right stuff for it so they just resumed with 24carrot. Nutty as I am, THIS IS SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oops,didn’t mean to be that angry over nothing.

So, I hope it will be back for us too enjoy.So for me, cross your fingers(and toes if you can) (I can do it) and hope it might be back.

Or not.

a quick little post.

Just here to tell you 99 views. 86 from USA, 10 from Canada and three from Hong Kong. Thanks for letting me keep this blog by viewing it. Describe your thoughts! 😛