Glitches are things that mess up in your poptropica game. For example, back in 2008 there was an island called monster Carnival disappeared. And when it was supposed to come out, the island costumes leaked in a multilayer room for people to customize. This is an example of a glitch. Whenever you find out a glitch tell me and if you want only me and my blog assistants to read it I can delete what you say and I can make this page password protected.


5 thoughts on “GLITCHES,GLITCHES

  1. tallspider says:

    Tell me every glitch there is somebody. This will improve my blog and I’ll give you full credit.

    Tnx! :P. Spidie

  2. kaylee says:

    hi tallspider this is your best friend from school kaylee31903

  3. kaylee says:

    I am new at this so can you explain this to me

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