Welcome to my page about me. Here it will tell you some of my life achivements,my hobbies,and some plain old things about me.

My biggest achivement was winning a award for dancing class when I was four. I had won the biggest award of all and I had beat high school seniors. My hobbies are blogging, pranking, playing poptropica,skateboarding,and playing basketball. My favorite color is orange and I am a girl.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. tallspider says:

    How do you think of my blog discuss it here

  2. muddy spinner says:

    Your blog is sooooo cool.I need to ask,how do you get a blog THIS COOL ? 😮

  3. poptropolis dude of awesomeness watchin out for sinkin at all times says:

    Awesome site!

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