How was Fionna and Cake?

I loved it! Since it was a 30 min premiere there was a new one we have not seen yet. It was called bad little boy. On poptropica it showed on the corners ads for the movie which is available now. It comes with the Fionna and Cake episodes and sixteen Finn and Jake adventures. Everyone can now buy the Fionna app for most devices I think. It’s nintynine cents on the app store. Well gotta run.See ya’s!


Happy Fionna and Cake preimere!

Tonight is the night! We will get to see the girl versions of Finn and Jake, Princess Bubblgum, and Marciline. Now their , Fionna, Cake, Prince Gumball, and Marshell lee. Remember its at 6:30/7:30 central on cartoon network. The dvd comes out tomarrow with all the Fionna+Cake episodes.


Fionna and Cake ad on main streets

Its adventure time reversed genders! On main streets you can watch a sample of a preimere of Fionna and Cake on cartoon network tomarrow at 7:30 /6:30 central. After you watch it for boys you will recieve a marshell guitar of hearts costume and Fionna sword of hearts for girls

Poptropica legos!

If you don’t already know, poptropica creators were thinking about poptropica legos! They need 10,000 supporters by march fourth. Right now there’s over 1000 votes to LEGO CUUOSO for poptropica legos! There Dr. Hares lair themed and there is also printable badges to spread the word!

Introducing the next island!

The next island will be-WAIT! Have you heard the groundhog had seen his shadow , not this year! Welcome spring! Ok I’ll get back.on. topic. 😮 . The next island will be ….. Night Watch Island! I haven’t got much info yet but stay tuned for the latest scoop. So stay tuned,

Spidie :P.