Scream for the new island!!!

I have awesome news!!!!

called ZOMBERRY ISLAND OOOOOO  *Sombody screams in horror* okay, heres all I got this city has a smothie shop that makes who drinks a smothie a zombie. check out more info at our companion site poptropica help blog also known as the phb. happy screaming!


4 thoughts on “Scream for the new island!!!

  1. muddy spinner says:

    First comunt! Wow this iz cul. I hop I dontt get etn.

    • tallspider says:

      Um, your first comment was perfect but these have spelling errors. You might want to consider getting a tutor or I can’t read what your saying and you might say something innapropriete or swear. I’m sorry, but its the rules.

  2. PopKid5 says:

    Can’t wait to try the new island. I’ve already beat like 10 islands so bring it on!

    tho zombies are kinda scary (oh cool site btw)

    • tallspider says:

      Yeah, it looks pretty cool. Anyway check out my competition!! Wear your best outfit on poptropica and give me your username. That simple!

      (BTW tnx! :P)

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