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Special holiday post!

Well you know its New years eve.

I made this special post so you can get to know me a little and still know about poptropica.

I have a little sister and brother. My favorite island is Charlie and the chocolate factory, my poptropican has sky blue hair and she is a member.
My favorite colors are orange and blue and my favorite show is adventure time . I have a kindle fire and my favorite app is happy jump. So now you know about me , talk about you!


Introducing the next island…once you read the post!

See how I did that??? Cool title huh? Well you came here for one thing the next island.

I’ve come to return a gift, and the mall was closed. I was like SHOOT!! But I realized, this is a ……..
mall mystery.

poptropica adventures rated #1 video game in amazon!!!!


The title says it all…….
Poptropica adventures number one in amazon!
Check it out! Plus Xmas is here, so ask for it!!
P.S my girl’s name is happy gamer 🙂

Update on Zomberry

Well, Zomberry is gettin scary. It is ware a guy named Joe Puddy doesn’t like fruit, and his sister or wife tries to get him to eat it. And when he leaves to work, its zombies vs Joe. He soon finds out, the zombies weakness is light, and a helicopter helps him with that, and Joe starts running.

thanks for spending your time with us 😮

The world is ending! (i think)

Hello, I have heard the worlds ending. I am sorry it happened so fast. Wait members you can stay safe, with the member only island costumes and powers. Non members well, better stay at the chocolate factory while we fight those zombies until it’s open for you. If you get bored or tired go to your tribe room. P.S go to three suprises I think you’ll like or dispose and follow the steps.(It’s on my blog)

Hello World!!

Ok, heres why I picked that to be my title of this post, say hi to. my new assistant !  Shes my reasearch helper bit Im not ready to.realease her yet.

anyway, I have a.costime.contest going on  and person has responded…

go to my homepage and read my third post and follow the easy steps.

Get ready for the sugar rush!

Get ready  Charlie and the chocolate island is almost here! Get ready to make your parents mad when your going  crazy  and getting chocolate over you like the nincompoop Augustus Gloop. Or break that gum chewing girls record good luck!

Three suprises I think you’ll like or dispise!

rumors were spread that your tribe would get its own common room well there not rumors!presnt one is THAT! present two is get a free trial of the costume closet until the twentysecond.The third present is my contest going with present two a costume contest!send me your username with your costume on and january second ill anounce the 10 winners!

Scream for the new island!!!

I have awesome news!!!!

called ZOMBERRY ISLAND OOOOOO  *Sombody screams in horror* okay, heres all I got this city has a smothie shop that makes who drinks a smothie a zombie. check out more info at our companion site poptropica help blog also known as the phb. happy screaming!

Meet Tall Spider!!!!

Hi Im  Tall Spider creator of this blog and poptropicas #1 fan. Here find some cool sites to look up and glitches I found, contests,news and of course, FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!

So whacha waitin for?! The adventure has already started!!!!!! 🙂